• Transform magazine
  • December 14, 2019


BBC branch brand

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 16.22.44.png

Creative brand agency, Studio Output, was appointed to create a new, fully integrated, brand identity for BBC’s Connected Studio.

The new global initiative from BBC combines insights and expertise from both external and internal realms, working together to develop new features, formats and experiences for audiences worldwide. 

Studio Output, in direct collaboration with BBC’s Connected Studio, was tasked to develop a completely new visual identity that better represents the department’s current values. The expansion of this branch of BBC’s Research and Development Department is supposed to bring together institutional support and thought-provoking ideas with the aid of a confident visual identity. 

A main part of the identity is the suite of illustrated interlocked C and S letters. The C is always rendered in a solid and consistent form, in contrast to the experimental nature of the S that attempts to exemplify Connected Studio’s various outputs. Depending on the context it is applied to, this graphic element also has the adaptability to be interchanged to suit the mood of the circumstances, while retaining brand consistency.  

With its striking energy and engaging aspects, the new brand should successfully reach out to audiences worldwide with work programmes and events that eventually amount to the production of innovative digital pilots to be showcased on BBC Taster. These workshops and creative sessions are designed to give guidance on the idea-generation process, and provide further support to internal staff and external digital agencies, technology startups and individual designers and developers. It is a collaborative environment that strives to be responsive to the big data challenge of connected platforms, products and consumers.