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  • October 20, 2020


Brand in action: ABC KIDS

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An apple, a bee and a carrot

Who: ABC Kids and Hulsbosch

What: The Australian Broadcasting Corporation redeveloped its ABC KIDS sub-brand this year to bring more life to the small screen. The brand project was part of a larger communications shift that saw broadcast and retail divisions aligned under the same visual and strategic brand. The changes come during a period of diversification for the popular TV channel – a mobile app and theme park were introduced in the same week as the new brand.

How: Hulsbosch, a Sydney-based brand consultancy, was tasked with developing and implementing the new brand. As it was to be rolled out across digital, physical and on-air platforms, the visual identity had to be versatile enough to meet the challenges of all of its intended applications. Hulsbosch deployed a unified logo yet the brand world dictated by the icons in the logo and the kid-friendly colour palette remain adaptable. The clean brand modernises the retail brand, which was busy and lacked a strong link to the broadcast brand. It also moves the broadcast identity away from the parent company and closer to the ABC KIDS retail and entertainment ventures. However, the rebrand retained the apple, bee and carrot symbols (for ABC) that have become well-known across Australia in retail and broadcast environments alike.

Why: Hulsbosch’s director, Jaid Hulsbosch says, “A singular brand transforms the visually fragmented business and it’s not only a more inspiring approach, it also promotes a stronger approach for retail and broadcast in a very competitive kids market, particularly where education meets entertainment. We know this identity will be a standout and much loved by parents and kids alike.” The rebrand rolled out in March across all platforms including product packaging and in-store branding. Head of ABC Creative Diana Costantini adds that the new brand draws the formerly distinct retail and broadcast brands together effectively. Both of the brands, she says, are well-loved, thus the ability of the new visual identity to apply to a variety of settings will allow for ABC to expand the ABC KIDS offer in the future.


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