• Transform magazine
  • December 07, 2023


The UK’s top storytelling brands in 2014


Apple is revealed to be the UK’s top storytelling brand.

The 2014 Brand Storytelling Report, conducted by AESOP brand and communications agency and carried out in association with OnePoll, is now in its second year. The survey polled over 2,000 UK consumers and asked them to identify brands against nine key storytelling elements.

Commenting on the study, Ed Woodcock, director of narrative, Aesop says, “This last year seems to be the year that brand storytelling joined the mainstream. With significant attention paid to it at Cannes this year, marketers are waking up to storytelling’s unique ability to engage and make an emotional connection with audiences in an age when they are fully in control. It’s given us all the more reason to commission this year’s research, allowing us to keep track of which brands score well against storytelling criteria. There are some surprising stories to be told…”

Cadbury placed second in the rankings after Apple. M&S, Kelloggs, Heinz and Fairy dropped out of the top ten and were replaced by McDonalds, Virgin Media, YouTube, and Macmillan. IKEA, Walkers, Coca Cola and the British Red Cross also found a place in the top ten.

An overall trend to be discerned from the 2014 report was a drop in rankings for many of the UK’s top supermarket brands.