• Transform magazine
  • November 29, 2023


Rebrand spurs dedication to nature-friendly food

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Fair to Nature, a UK organisation working with blue chip brands to promote and recognise leading environmentally-friendly food production organisations, has tasked Refinery, an integrated brand communications agency, with refreshing and reforming its brand image.

The rebrand of Fair to Nature has helped to boost the organisation’s communications by placing a greater emphasis on the fundamental message behind the initiative – that brands accredited by Fair to Nature and farmers adopting new ways of farming are transforming the natural habitat and wildlife by using ingredients and produce grown to Fair to Nature Standards.

The new brand image has been designed to resonate with Fair to Nature’s target audience, appearing across its website, marketing materials and packaging. Consumer-facing packaging has been created to explain how everyone needs to take responsibility and be fair to nature to prevent the current dramatic declines in farmland biodiversity.

Jim Barron, director at Refinery, says, “We have created the new identity with revised hand drawn elements to deliver a more personal, friendly feel and added imagery of farming and nature scenes to convey the Fair to Nature story visually.”

The initiative has already partnered with brands such as Jordan’s Cereals, Allison Flour and Waitrose- and Ocado-stocked Steve’s Leaves, in addition to a number of food producers and farmers who engineer habitats for wildlife alongside food crops. Fair to Nature is targeting more brands and retailers in order to adopt these practices and achieve accreditation.

Jane Lawler, head of marketing at Fair to Nature, says, “It’s critical that we demand food that is ethical, sustainable and ‘fair to nature’. Our previous logo led with our Conservation Grade message but research has shown the importance of connecting more positively with the ‘helping nature’ part of the message.”