• Transform magazine
  • June 06, 2020


PR Lions winning campaign


The PR Lions Grand Prix award has been handed to The Scarecrow campaign for Chipotle.

The campaign incorporates a video that demonstrates the power of social and digital content for creating powerful brand stories.

The Scarecrow initiated conversation about the food industry, creating a global conversation and delivering excellent results for the Chipotle brand. The slogan, ‘Cultivate a better world’, reflects the scale of the campaign’s ambition and reach.

The Scarecrow was entered by the Creative Artists Agency, based in Los Angeles. The Scarecrow short film, which imaginatively questions the way our food is produced, has over 12.5m hits on YouTube. It also ran theatrically alongside a food documentary as an opening short.

As well as the video, the campaign incorporated a mobile gaming app that allowed players to enter The Scarecrow world, and even earn a free burrito upon completion of levels. Over 650,000 people have downloaded the game.

Edelman New York and Moonbot Studios Shreveport also collaborated on the project. The Scarecrow is entertainment, emotionally engaging customers, while successfully establishing Chipotle as a thought leader around food issues and sustainability and strengthening Chipotle’s position as a non-conventional, creative company.