• Transform magazine
  • February 22, 2024


New brand and visual identity is exclusively mobile


Zapp, a mobile payment app, has a new brand and visual identity that takes inspiration from that feeling that you get when something really works as it should.

The creative team wanted to show that the app’s offering was unique. Branding agency SomeOne worked alongsideSomeOne/Else, in charge of developing the UI and product delivery, and VCCP, specialising in advertising and communications, to create an entire branded infrastructure. This ensures a coherent brand message across all touch points. The tingle effect design trope that adorns these touch points increases that coherence without relying too heavily on logos.

SomeOne account director Francesca Casati says, “It’s been really exciting working on such a project. Working alongside digital and UX experts at SomeOne/Else has meant that the work is seamless, and considered for all experiences and journeys.”

Zapp takes payments from your existing bank account, but does not require users to share their account information with third parties, which it claims makes it more secure than its competitors. The mobile payment network is specifically built for mobile devices.

Justin Basini, chief product and marketing officer at Zapp says, “There are lots of players in this space but nobody has really been able to capitalise on the mobile payments opportunity. We are the only ones who are aligning the interests of the three major stakeholders: the financial institutions, the merchants and the consumers and that puts us in a unique position. Working with SomeOne, and SomeOne/Else has enabled us to harness this unique approach”.