• Transform magazine
  • March 28, 2020


McDonald’s pushed to rethink its brand strategy


McDonald’s has announced that it will undergo a year-and-a-half long rebrand in an attempt to boost sales by positioning itself as a desirable, as well as cheap, fast-food chain.

Rather than change its logo or name, the company is looking to revisit its core offerings: value, service, marketing, and menu.

The decision has been made in the light of recent sales figures which have continued to drop over the last quarter. The McDonald’s brand has suffered in recent years due to service problems, dietary concerns, and recent employee-pay issues.

McDonald’s has already made steps towards becoming a more appealing brand with the introduction of ‘sustainable beef’ and more fruit and vegetable options. With supply chains and health concerns becoming increasingly important to consumers, fast food chains cannot afford to ignore these aspects of their service. The increasingly popular Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) has recently invested in portraying itself as a restaurant chain that is both fast and convenient, healthy, and environmentally conscious. The company has been rewarded for its efforts with sales growth that surpasses its industry.

Don Thompson, McDonald’s chief executive, says that the goal is to become a, “more trusted and respected brand.” As a first step in the process, McDonald’s has turned a West Coast restaurant into a ‘learning lab’ where it can gather customer feedback surrounding the dining experience.

Changes expected to be implemented include a simplified menu, remodelled restaurants with Wi-Fi, and menu additions focused around ‘premium’ beef and chicken items. According to Thompson, the Big Mac, fries, and Egg McMuffin — which together represent some 40 percent of all sales — will remain at the forefront of the restaurant’s improved menu.