• Transform magazine
  • August 14, 2020


HFMA rebrands to become the voice of the NHS


The professional and membership body for those working in National Health Service (NHS) and private healthcare finance across the UK has developed a new brand and three-year strategy.

At a time when public interest in the NHS is high, The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) aims to become the face of the UK’s healthcare systems.

Some of the elements of the old branding were deemed to be unsuitable. A pound sign incorporated into the logo risked becoming obsolete in Scotland after the referendum, and the green colour scheme, often associated with pharmacies, wasn’t representative of HFMA’s offering. It was these issues, and a wish to create a new and well thought-out brand with increased visibility, that motivated the HFMA to rebrand.

Media coverage of the NHS often plays up to its weaknesses, while its achievements go unnoticed by the public. The HFMA hopes to be the go-to voice for NHS communications and an alternative voice offering an alternative and well informed opinion of the healthcare sector.

Simon Dolph, director of marketing and communications at HFMA, says, “As we look at our new strategy it’s evident we need better visibility, in order for us to broaden our reach and membership. We also need our voice to be heard within the healthcare sector, speaking on behalf of our members, and we believe that this new brand identity reflects this time of change strongly”.

The new HFMA logo incorporates an orange colour that is representative of warmth, health and wellbeing. The circular shape relates to the connected, charitable and commercial nature of the HFMA members association. These are qualities that the organisation has placed at the centre of its new brand.

The new brand was launched on Monday. The HFMA is based in Bristol and represents over a third of those working in the healthcare finance sector.