• Transform magazine
  • May 26, 2024


Food brand puts its female market at the heart of its messaging


Despite women accounting for 85% of consumer spending, a 2012 study shows that 59% of women feel misunderstood by food marketers.

Kirsty’s ready meal range is a new food brand that purposefully targets women through its design and language.

Company founder, Kirsty Henshaw, appointed Redshoe Brand Design, specialists in packaging and brand design for women, to give her allergy-friendly food products a new brand befitting of her vision.

Research revealed that women suffering from intolerances and allergies felt isolated by the ‘free-from’ shelves in supermarkets, where Kirsty’s products were found. The new brand tackles this issue with a bright, optimistic design that promises good taste, rather than austere low fat banners or other symbols of self-deprecation.

The new brand aspires to a conversational and honest way of communicating nutritional messages and draws form Kirsty’s own appeal and personal story; already a point of interest due to her appearance on Dragon’s Den.

Redshoe has found that style and attention to detail is of particular importance to female audiences and this was reflected in Kirsty’s brand through modern overhead photography and focus on the ingredients.

Kirsty says, “I wanted the branding and packaging for my ready meals to make people as excited and passionate about them as I am – and I knew that talking relevantly to women was an essential element in this. Redshoe’s response looks so obviously right, but it belies the incredible depth of thinking and detail required to talk to this discerning and demanding target audience.”

As a result of the new brand Kirsty’s ready meal range has gone from £0 to £3m in 18 months and is growing at a rate of 48% since September 2012.