• Transform magazine
  • February 24, 2021


Fairtrade brand develops with new website


Launching a new website can provide the opportunity to grow a brand, while strengthening its established brand values.

On its 20th birthday Fairtrade resolved to make its website truly representative of its brand ethos, while serving as a worthy vehicle of the unique Fairtrade story. The site was created by Radley Yeldar, a brand communication firm, who worked with key Fairtrade stakeholders to grow the brand.

RY pinpointed Fairtrade’s Online Value Proposition (OVP) as ‘with Fairtrade, you have the power to change the world every day’. The idea stemmed from the organisation’s global strategic framework, ‘unlocking the power of the many’, and its brand essence of ‘empowerment’. RY chose to build on these original brand qualities with the new site, rather than simply reflecting them.

Ben Varley, client director at RY, says, “When Fairtrade Foundation launched 20 years ago, it was an innovator in the field. The new site, which is inspirational in tone, reflects the roots of the organisation whilst looking to its future as a leading movement committed to supporting and instigating better, fairer trading partnerships”.

The site is designed to be visually engaging and strong on user experience while providing sufficient information about what Fairtrade does and how consumers can support it.