• Transform magazine
  • November 29, 2023


Comparable trademark valuations published in an online portal

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A Swiss-based IP advisory company, Trademark Comparables AG, has launched a brand valuation web portal.

The MARKABLES portal is a searchable database containing the results of thousands of audited trademark valuations published in the financial reports of public companies.

MARKABLES is aimed at appraisers, auditors, brand managers, analysts, investors, trademark lawyers, and other stakeholders.

Dominique M. Hanssens, a member of the advisory board of MARKABLES, says, “A lot of effort has been made to understand the drivers of brand equity, to develop methodologies for measuring brand value, and to establish valuation standards. Hundreds of thousands of brands are valued every year, still, very little is known about the results of these valuations. MARKABLES is the first tool of its kind to use and compare the results of realised brand valuations with different ratios, and against other assets”.

Since brands and trademarks are not listed on an active market, the trademark appraiser finds financial value through the analysis of comparable data, information previously found from trademark licensing and royalty data, which can reportedly lead to overestimation of brand value (World Trademark Review).

MARKABLES currently lists more than 4,500 published and audited brand valuations. Currently the average brand value is US$139m.

The MARKABLES’ database is updated on a regular basis. Access to the search engine of the database is free, while an online payment is required for each downloaded record.