• Transform magazine
  • August 06, 2020


An all natural brand


The Edyn brand is characterised by a collaboration between technology and the environment.

A soil scientist created an innovative piece of technology that uses sensors to create the perfect environment for plants. Fuseproject, a design and branding firm, took the bare bones of this technology and fleshed it out with a targeted brand and seamless design.

Edyn got its name from the idea of a utopian garden, a place of purity and fruitfulness. The brand’s signature yellow diamond is incorporated across the logo and products, the yellow was chosen for its natural and sunny connotations. The diamond shape is a motif on the Edyn app as well as the logo; which also incorporates a symmetrical leaf design.

The holistic design language between product and brand was integral to the project and mirrored a symbiosis of the physical, organic and digital world that is epitomised by the Edyn technology.

The technology works by taking information from the soil and relaying this through an app that communicates with its user in a simple and easy to understand format. The system makes it possible to provide the best possible environment for plants by, for example, measuring levels of water and fertiliser in the soil.