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  • April 16, 2024



Opinion: "The journey to build corporate purpose"

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Employers and employees expect more, says Nicolas Mamier. A sense of purpose is crucial Companies in every sector are recognising a changed dynamic in the employer/em...

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Opinion: "Coherence over consistency"

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Blind consistency is not necessarily conducive to diversity, says Phil Morley “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.” George S Patton I have a...

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Opinion: "How do you get your CEO to embrace the power of an employer brand?"

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Measuring the success of your employer brand strategy could help with senior buy-in. Despite this, companies are largely failing to employ effective measurement in this area, says Ingrid Brown...

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Opinion: "Keep in touch"


Remote needn't mean disengaged. Technology is helping employers connect with hard to reach employees, says Sheila Parry Out of the office, on the road, working at...

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Opinion: 'Antifragile' employer brands – The diverse solution

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Human resources faces a big question: how much does a company want or need a homogenous culture (and a rigid definition of it)? In one corner, there are the the cultu...

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Opinion: “Building trust through brand communications will support and promote the business’ strategy”

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In today's world, singular employee satisfaction isn't enough. Employee's seek emotional commitment and guidance throughout their journeys while employers expect everyone internally to be aligned to the company's vision and values....

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Opinion: "Why is strong brand positioning critical?


On 8 November, the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Financial Cooperation Conference opened in London, convening more than 400 government, business and academic leaders from 22 Asian and European countries. Delegates shared...

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Opinion: "Baker Tilly's rebrand to RSM"

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How can you keep the spirit of a brand after an acquisition? Richard Silbermann explains Things that are important to us, such as cars, jewellery or other prized poss...

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Opinion: "Brexit could spell disaster for brand Britain"

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A vote for the UK to leave the EU would be a disastrous result for Britain's nation brand, says Jacques de Cock The current debate about Britain’s future in the E...

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Opinion: "The present and future of customer experience"


A strong, customer-centric digital experience is key to driving positive interactions and loyalty, says Leesa Wytock Within the last few years, digital has become the...

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