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  • July 18, 2024



Insights: Building community through retail culture

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At the 2018 Transform Awards North America, the best in rebranding and brand development was celebrated. Household was one of the winners It’s no secret that customer...

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Insights: Building a brand to stand the test of time

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At the 2018 Transform Awards North America, the best in rebranding and brand development was celebrated. FutureBrand was one of the winners As we collectively take st...

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Opinion: What can be learned about premium brands from the FutureBrand Index?


Why are we prepared to pay extra for an iPhone when there are cheaper alternatives that are functionally as good – if not better? Why will we pay more for shoes adorned with the Nike swoosh, or sunglasses featuring th...

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Opinion: Brand IP doesn’t look after itself


Brand value is now measured in billions, with brand IP often the most valuable asset on a company’s balance sheet. Every year, world rankings measure the value of the top brands and report the rise and fall of brand r...

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Opinion: How can we design experiences fit for purpose?

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Crafting an effective brand experience requires a careful examination of audience, creativity and the brand’s wider context. Harry Osborne discusses how brands can get the most out of the experiential...

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Opinion: How branding breathed new life into a forgotten London icon

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How do you make a historic development that has stood unoccupied and unloved for almost two decades attractive again? Embrace the unexpected and alter perceptions, says Marks Davis, founder and creative director of br...

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Opinion: Inspiring long-term brand loyalty

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The supermarket is full of products that we can’t imagine life without. Marmite, Colman’s, Birds Eye fish fingers, Weetabix, Bisto – they’re all brands that have transcended their category to become national treasures...

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Opinion: Can digital disruption help reinvent professional services?


With digital transformation ripping through most industries, professional services brands are no longer exempt. The trigger is a new breed of client who, having made their millions in tech, are asking themselves why t...

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Insights: Why positivity wins in the long term

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Following July's Transform Conference Europe, Greenspace has examined the ways in which brands succeed through a positive, long term approach As the years rat...

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Opinion: How can companies build a more authentic employer brand with employee stories?

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PathMotion and Immersion Neuroscience show in their new research that employee stories are 20% more immersive than a corporate careers site alone PathMotion and Immer...

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