• Transform magazine
  • February 18, 2020



Pearlfisher updates historic UK art brand, Reeves


Prior to the year 1766, art was static canvases and fixed, messy easels. The artistically inclined were confined to paid-for studios, specifically reserved for painting and making, to develop their creations. Then the inventi...

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Little Dish serve up new visual identity

01_Little Dish Go Gos_Range.jpg

The message of energy and health associated with children’s food retailer Little Dish has been used to create a new bold yet co-ordinated visual identity, as implemented by creative design agency Pearlfisher....

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Pearlfisher rises to the challenge


Iconic over-the-counter drug, Viagra, was coming to the end of its Russian patent expiration after 15 years as a market-leader. This, along with a markedly different consumer profile, was the catalyst for a brand overhaul intended to keep...

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The future of food brands


When it comes to food brands, the way that consumers experience taste is critical to the way they perceive the brand. Taste is something that is heavily shaped by external factors and influences. For brands in the food and drink industry,...

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