• Transform magazine
  • November 22, 2019


Little Dish serve up new visual identity

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The message of energy and health associated with children’s food retailer Little Dish has been used to create a new bold yet co-ordinated visual identity, as implemented by creative design agency Pearlfisher.

With the company recently launching a new range of oat biscuits - available in raspberry, ginger and vanilla - its new colour scheme also corresponds directly to colours traditionally associated with these classic flavours.

Enlisting London-based creative design agency Pearlfisher to implement the brand design – the same agency Little Dish worked with upon its launch - Little Dish Go Gos retain the Little Dish brand name, but a different visual identity.

The new Little Dish Go Gos packaging also displays popular Little Dish characters the Zoo Crew together for the first time, encouraging children to interact with their food – and hopefully be excited by what is offered. This active design is also hoped to reinforce the notion that the Little Dish brand helps create ‘good energy’, needed by toddlers to stay active.

Little Dish marketing director, Charlotte Tisdall, says, “Little Dish has been making healthy meals children love for ten years, so moving into the baby aisle with a range of healthy snacks is a natural progression. Pearlfisher has seamlessly moved the brand into this exciting new category with a bright and impactful identity that captures parents’ and children’s imagination, and delivers the good energy message perfectly.”

By ‘only using ingredients that you would find in your kitchen’, the brand is aimed toward busy parents who may not always have time to cook for their children. However Little Dish has now entered the baby and toddler food market through the introduction of mini oat biscuits into its range. Mother and award-winning nutritionist Lucy Jones has also worked with Little Dish to refine the product.