• Transform magazine
  • March 03, 2024


Mobile tax platform Taxfix undergoes brand evolution

Taxfix Logo

With Taxfix having moved from disruptor to leader in the tax filing field since its founding in 2017, the company turned to Finnish design studio Kallan & Co to craft a new identity to match its increased market presence. The redesign, which follows on from the acquisition of rival tax app Steuerbot, sought to evolve Taxfix’s brand strategy, architecture and expression.

The new brand strategy devised by Kallan & Co was centred around ‘Fix finance for all’, which it felt symbolised Taxfix’s ‘powerful financial empowerment’, and outlines the German company’s ambition of expanding its offering of user-friendly financial tools.


Therefore emphasising the brand’s simplicity, expertise and user empowerment, this strategy was influential in the creation of the new brand expression. The new Taxfix logo sees its percentage symbol refined, while a range of financial motifs were adopted to become key signature brand assets.

Elsewhere, the Euro currency’s lilac, gold and blue inspired a revised colour palette which still places the Taxfix vivid green front and centre, and is complemented by the new typeface, named ‘ROM’. Kallan & Co also utilised illustrations which showcase people’s finances in a personal way, adding an essence of warmth and personality to the brand.