• Transform magazine
  • March 03, 2024


New beauty brand designed to celebrate midlife women

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With the identity of And Begin crafted by UK-based brand and packaging design firm Sunhouse, the start-up offers customisable skincare solutions. The brand was specifically designed to challenge conventional narratives surrounding women in the middle of their life.

Sunhouse’s work balances professional efficacy with luxurious warmth, and this is underpinned by the luminous visual identity. The brand’s photography, meanwhile, also attempts to add a playful feel. As for the tone of voice, it was crafted to resonate with its Gen X audience, bringing authenticity into the fray through the use of brand champions.


Chris Griffiths, design director at Sunhouse, says, "Gen X women have gained confidence from their life experiences and now stand at a pivotal point, fully aware of their choices for the next chapter in their lives. Our identity reflects this pivotal point, drawing inspiration from how light expands and metamorphoses through a prism – a visual metaphor for the endless possibilities that open for this generation. From the uplifting glow of the brandmark to the gentle, luminous hues of the colour palette, the new brand assets reinforce And Begin's empowering positioning with beauty and strength."

Sally Knapton, partner and client service director at Sunhouse, adds, "Having the opportunity to build from the ground up is always a creative agency's dream, and as our clients were exceptionally open and brave from the outset, it’s been such a pleasure to be part of. They brought a remarkable level of vision and the astounding ability to make things happen, empowering us to explore endless possibilities. The result is a luminous and luxurious brand, full of optimism for a generation that knows exactly what they deserve."