• Transform magazine
  • November 30, 2022


DLMDD unveils new audience insight tool to help brands find their sound

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Sonic brand agency, DLMDD, worked with sonic research testing company, SoundOut, to develop a new audience insight tool, which aims to help brands to find their sound. The tool, DLMDD Ignite, will help brands whether they’re looking to create a new sonic identity from scratch or add a soundtrack to an already existing campaign.

DLMDDIgnite can benchmark brands, their values and archetypes against the sonic attributes of thousands of commercial hit records. This can provide insight into the sound and tone of their brand based on the ‘emotional DNA’ of music, and which artists and genres are most relevant to their target audience.

“The tool leverages our emotional DNA map of music, built with the input of over 500,000 consumers, and overlays this onto our library of thousands of commercial tracks richly indexed by over 1 million more. Being able to instantly translate any written attribute brief into scientifically validated sonic renditions represents a major step forward for sonic branding and marketing alike,” says David Courtier-Dutton, CEO of SoundOut.

The world’s biggest labels have been using this kind of technology for years to help them choose what music gets released to the public, so it made sense that brands did the same, says Max De Lucia, co-founder of DLMDD.

“This technology provides a lynchpin for the future of sonic branding. Our clients are already enjoying significant benefits from using DLMDD Ignite as it adds a high level of psychological rigour without stifling creativity,” he adds.