• Transform magazine
  • July 01, 2022


Venturethree designs new Sky Glass brand

Sky Glass Top Banner

Global brand agency, venturethree, worked with Sky to bring to life its latest brand, Sky Glass, the first streaming TV brought by the media and entertainment company.

The ambition was to simplify the product experience and supercharge entertainment at home. Working with Sky’s internal teams and agency partners, venturethree designed the strategic and creative brand expression for Sky Glass, from positioning to naming to product experience.

The visual identity needed to balance innovation with a human touch, to create a brand that is technological to its core yet belongs at the heart of the home. This is expressed through the logotype, which aims to combine the sharpness of design precision with the personality of a human signature. The 16x9 panel represents the proportions of TV screen, with the glass being the screen and giving a window into the world of entertainment. The logo consciously doesn’t use the Sky font, to signal a change from the masterband.

The Sky Glass colour palette is driven by the spectrum, Sky’s most distinctive brand asset, which symbolises optimism and the choice viewers have to pick one of Sky’s 400 channels. For the TVs, the palette goes beyond black and silver, a choice driven by the desire to create a product designed from home. The designers behind the TVs are furniture designers rather than tech and are acquainted with the sensibility of home, which pushed them to look at the materials and textures of how the TV could exist in harmony in the home.