• Transform magazine
  • June 15, 2021


Telefónica unveils new brand projecting its digital and technological transformation

Telephonica Top Banner

Telefónica, one of the world’s leading telecommunications service providers, has revealed a new corporate identity that seeks to capture the company’s leadership, potential and vision for the future.


Developed by the organisation’s branding team with the support of Lambie Narin, WPP’s branding consultancy, the new logo, composed of five circles that together form the letter ‘T’, evokes the one created in 1984. The five spheres have different symbolisms for the company: it’s the fifth logo in the brand’s history and there are five pillars on which Telefónica’s new action plan is based. Each sphere also represents the ‘Ts’ that the company's hallmarks: telecommunications, technology, transformation, talent and transcendence.

“Far from creating something new, we have taken back an historical symbol from which a new flexible, digital, simple and relevant identity has been created," says Rafael Fernández de Alarcón, brand, sponsorships and media director at Telefónica.

The creation of a new logo reflects Telefónica’s desire to express its transformation in recent times, as evidenced in areas like the deployment of fibre optics, the configuration of a more sustainable model, and the implementation of the 5G network. The modernised logo also aims to generate a brand expression that connects with today's society, with customers and with the different audiences the company addresses.

The new identity includes a blue colour palette, representing modernity and technology, and a typeface, Telefónica Sans, designed and optimised for digital environments, allowing for brand flexibility.