• Transform magazine
  • January 27, 2023


Sibling Rivalry crafts new visual identity for Turner Classic Movies

TCM Onair Overview

New York City-based independent creative agency, Sibling Rivalry,eveloped a new brand identity and tagline for Turner Classic Movies (TMC).


Working with TCM, Sibling centered the rebrand around three pillars: relevance, context, and curation. The goal was to develop a verbal and visual identity that would set the network apart and deliver a fresh look and feel.

“Classic films don’t just live in the past — they continue to inspire, influence, and reflect so much of our present and future. That’s why we sought to maintain the brand qualities previous fans loved, while also appealing to new and evolving audiences,” says executive creative director at Sibling Rivalry, Lauren Hartstone.

To accomplish this, the new visual identity revolves around one simple thought: what one person considers to be a classic movie might be drastically different from what another person considers “classic.” This inspired Sibling to focus on the “C” of TCM as a constantly changing activator and storyteller with a vast series of interpretations. Each dynamic C in the logo was then paired with its own unique motion behavior, aiming to embody an energy and evolution for the TCM brand. 

The new tagline, 'Where then meets now’ aims to clearly establish TCM as the destination and catalyst for reframing the conversation around classic films. Its flexibility, ‘Where ___ Meets ___,’ can also act as a language system for different promotions, helping drive viewers to the hub with every line. 

The typography system and colour palette seek to represent a modern take on classic design, extending through OOH, social templates, design systems for TCM’s on-air and in-person franchises, and packages for the TCM Film Festival.

In addition, TCM also worked with Made Music Studio to create a custom sound for the sonic identity that will give life to the new concept. The TCM ‘song’ is a mash-up of several genres, including pop and the rapture of strings, which are a nod to iconic Hollywood musicals.