• Transform magazine
  • January 27, 2023


Seymourpowell brings Burger King’s flame-grilling experience to life

BK-Shot 7

Design and innovation company Seymourpowell launches redesign of Burger King’s flame-grill for the U.S. market.

Flame-grilling, which is often synonymous of the Burger King brand, has helped the fast-food chain stand out in a crowded market, in which competitors simply fry their burgers. However, as the flame-grilling process was taking place behind the stainless-steel exterior walls of the existing Burger King broiler, both the grill and flames were hidden from view. 

Seymourpowell stepped in to showcase the flame-grilling experience and bring it to life. One of the key objectives of the project was to strike the balance  between functionality and design. From a technical perspective, the aim was to ensure that the proficiency of the broiler was not compromised. Years of developments meant that the existing broiler was at maximum efficiency, creating a good broiling environment with the necessary pace to flame-grill the patties to perfection. 

The breakthrough came in the form of a dual-layered window, combining glass with an offset second layer of perforated steel, allowing the broiler to maintain its functionality, whilst crucially showcasing the flames themselves through the fine punctures in the metal. The newly re-designed piece of equipment is positioned front of house, enabling customers to witness the flame-grilling first-hand.

The design of the window means it doesn’t steam up or get greasy; providing a clear view into this classic American barbeque style cooking. 

To aesthetically deliver the broiler, team at Seymourpowell implemented visual semantics and cues from home BBQing, which aim to strike the balance between the professionalism of a commercial kitchen and the domesticity of home BBQing.