• Transform magazine
  • July 03, 2022


Riegel linen, T-Y Group and Harbor Linen rebrand to 1Concier


Riegel linen, T-Y Group and Harbor Linen merged to create the1Concier brand. The provider of textiles and OSE for hotels, cruise lines, and restaurants worked with Chicago-based branding agency, Rebranding Experts, to develop the strategy and visual identity for the new brand.


The 1Concier brand name builds off the heritage of the entrepreneurial drive of the three companies. The name, inspired by the word concierge, aims to highlight the role the company plays in delivering quality linen products that ensure a comfortable experience for hospitality and healthcare guests. The number one added before Concier represent the three brands merging into one, in addition to symbolising the company’s aspiration of being the number one provider of quality linens.

The new tagline, ‘always a pleasure,’ further emphasises the concept of a concierge, as it aims to represent the kind of language a concierge would share after exceeding a customer’s expectation.

 “As our new name indicates we are all about exceeding expectations to enrich the guest experience. We know how to solve the challenges hospitality and healthcare organizations face. Using our consultative approach and industry expertise we guide customers through the available product options or design custom solutions specific to their needs,” says CEO of 1Concier, Chris Nelson.

The new name, displayed in a clean and modern typeface, is the centerpiece of the logo, and aims to elevate the brand and give structure to the logotype.  Rebranding Experts also developed a C1 icon to use in certain applications.

With the objective of building a lifestyle brand that would be familiar and comforting to many of its hospitality customers, Rebranding Experts developed a warm colour palette, made up of peach blue, ‘creamy ivory comfort,’ and terracotta.