• Transform magazine
  • April 22, 2024


PR firm launches new brand proposition

TT 23 March Fever PR

PR agency Fever Unlimited unveiled a new proposition and identity reflecting the evolved way people interact with brands.

The new proposition, ‘Inspiring Action in a World of Distraction,’ aims to create work that cuts through the myriad of distractions facing today’s consumers by delivering insight-driven, culturally relevant work that gets to the root of what people care about.

The agency’s logo, social channels and website have been updated with a black and white palette that stands out. The brand film, produced by Rob Thorogood, Fever’s creative producer, unveils the new proposition using artistic, authentic visuals of reality, capturing all the colours and emotions of the real world.


“Our approach focuses on intricately understanding our audiences’ lifestyles, life stages and mindsets rather than applying a gross generalisation based on their demographics. It is only by understanding our audiences’ passion points and wider view of the world that we can enable brands to fit meaningfully into their lives,” says Caroline Farley, Fever’s managing director.

The new proposition is supported by a proprietary framework, EMMA™, developed in conjunction with Fever UNLIMITED’s Human Understanding Lab. The EMMA™ framework outlines how to effectively infiltrate the brain’s decision-making process and identifies the three core components: emotion, motivation and meaning, which influences consumer behaviour and drives action. 

“Creativity plays a huge part in stimulating all three factors that influence decision making. We focus on the emotional response we need to trigger in our audience and build our work around that, embracing moving picture, images, experiences and words to deliver powerful, emotive and visually driven storytelling,” says Jo Chappel, Fever’s creative director.