• Transform magazine
  • December 07, 2022


Pearlfisher designs visual identity for new cannabis gummy and street brand


International brand design agency Pearlfisher designed the visual identity for a new LA-based cannabis gummy and street brand, RERUN. In addition to creating and naming RERUN’s brand, Pearlfisher developed the brand strategy, visual identity, packaging, and art direction.

The idea of ‘consume responsibly, behave ridiculously,’ which is at the heart of the brand’s ethos, evolved into the tagline.

“It [the tagline] unlocks a key tension or disconnection between cannabis culture and cannabis branding that has existed up until now. It’s not just a pithy, punchy soundbite, it’s a call to action,” says says Hamish Campbell, VP executive creative director at Pearlfisher New York.

RERUN is inspired by street culture. Beginning with the bold and fully capitalised word mark, the brand’s character is revealed through details like the arrow that is formed in the negative space between the ‘E’ and the second ‘R.’ The symbol represents a nudge to the night forward, whereas the reversal of the second ‘R’ aims to acknowledge the nights people would like to relive.

“The uniqueness of RERUN and what makes us different from the rest is wrapped up in the name and brand story,” says Art Kushkyan, CEO at House of Brands.

The secondary icon represents the instigator of fun. This shorthand brandmark helps solidify RERUN’s attitude and is created in a hand-done quality with the intention of becoming a tag in street culture through graffiti and stickers.

The packaging is ‘responsible’ and pocketable yet fun, with the outer metallic packs revealing an outline of the tin within while encouraging ridiculousness through the flavour names like ‘Berryed Alive’ and ‘Watevermelon.’ Inside, the matte metal tins reflect the urban aesthetic with an embossed brand icon and word mark to build brand recognition.