• Transform magazine
  • June 26, 2022


OPX unveils new brand identity and positioning for Turn2us

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London-based branding agency, OPX, worked with national poverty charity, Turn2us, to reimagine the brand’s identity, strapline and positioning.


After more than a century of history, Turn2us had revised its purpose and values in recent years, with the aim of deepening its impact. To do so, the new brand needed to be more centred on the people for which it exists, explains Thomas Lawson, Turn2us chief executive. 

Whilst OPX initially thought of developing a new name for the brand, the Turn2us name continued to test well internally against the new names. OPX retained the name but used the rest of the brand identity to signal change and reposition the charity.

It began by devising a new strapline, ‘Tackling financial insecurity together,’ which aims to give the identity a more positive and human tone, lending a voice to the people whom the charity helps. In this way Turn2us can become a rallying cry for those who struggle to stay afloat and make it to the end of the month.

“The issue of financial insecurity in the UK, and the need for anti-poverty charities in the sector to bring about change - especially in the aftermath of a pandemic - has been profound. Our new strapline gets to the root of the issue and clearly sets out what is at the heart of our purpose; a need to collaborate to address the symptoms and causes of poverty and particularly the systemic issues at play,” says Lawson.

The colour palette, chosen for its universally positive associations, is paired to an easily available typeface and inclusive imagery. The new logo is simple and compact, with each letterform crafted to ensure it is distinctive yet also easy to read. OPX adjusted each letter, particularly the ‘N’ and the ‘U’ so the logo could be read in both horizontal and vertical form.

“Every aspect of the new brand has been designed to be, human, inclusive and insistent. Our ambition was to bring attention to and give a voice to the people Turn2us exists to serve – from development of the strapline, the design of the new logo to the new photography of people, all of whom have used Turn2us services,” Frances Jackson, CEO and founder of OPX.

The new brand identity has been developed across all channels on and offline – this includes the physical space and the charity website and Benefit Calculator tool.