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  • July 01, 2022


#NewBrandMonday: 25 January

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Here are this week's selection of newly launched brands from around the world. For more from #NewBrandMonday, follow @Transformsays on Twitter.




The Blooming Good Food Co.

Coinciding with Veganuary, the 30-day challenge that asks people to eat only vegan products, healthy food retailer Symington’s launched a new brand of plant-based foods, the Blooming Good Food Company. Symington’s identified an opportunity to develop an brand aimed at busy adults who are trying to reduce their meat consumption while balancing their need for convenience. The key target consumers are those who are increasingly conscious of the health and environmental issues around eating meat but are held back by taste and unclear ingredients. Branding consultancy Brandon helped Symington’s create a fresh and disruptive brand identity to cut through the noise of a category that is cluttered with messages around disrupting meat culture or plant heroism. The result in as accessible, positive and down to earth brand, centred around the idea of ‘from seed to plate.’ The identity was brought to life through a bright and colourful illustrative style that clearly shows what’s inside, with details of the growing seeds in the letter ‘O’ of the brand mark.

“It’s our belief that food should always be satisfying and delicious, so a choice to eat plant-based, whatever the reasons, should never mean a compromise on brilliant taste and flavour,” says Neil Burke-Thompson, brand manager at Symington’s.




Sairen Rum

Ohara’s Rum at the Parrot Club in Sheffield worked with design studio Simil to launch a new clear spiced rum, Sairen, naturally flavoured with spices and fruit combinations to satisfy all rum entuhiasits. The range includes three spiced filtered rums with different flavour profiles: Sairen Spiced, Dark Stone and Exotic. The rum’s story is inspired by mythological tales of temptresses, symbolising harmony and paradise with their bewitching songs. The packaging design reflect Sairen’s captivating storytelling, luring rulers into the hidden depths of enchanting colour combinations, ranging from fuchsia to strawberry pink. The eclectic colour palette not only represents the intriguing flavours of rum but also achieves maximum shelf-standout with customers being principally attracted by the bottle design even before knowing what kind of rum is inside.




Sourdough Bites

Swedish-inspired sourdough crisp bread maker Peter’s yard has extend its brand into the snacking category, launching a new brand of Sourdough Bites, an all-natural baked and seasoned bagged snack. Peter’s Yard worked with creative agency B&B Studio to move into the fast-paced world of snacking. The challenge was to retain the brand story of the unhurried craftsmanship for products that are designed to be savoured, therefore positioning them as a relaxed moment of me-time rather than a hurried convenience. This resulted in a packaging design that feels more completive within its competitive set. The background imagery, derived from the acrylic work of landscape painter Paul Bailey, references the bold flavour codes of the category and evoke the provenance of the ingredients. The identity still echoes the layout of the core cracker range while allowing for the necessary health-based information to healthy snacking alternatives be to clearly shown on the packaging.