• Transform magazine
  • July 03, 2022


Monotype Fonts expands with new customers, partners and features

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Type foundry Monotype has updated its product, Monotype Fonts, the font service designed by creatives that aims to make it easier to find, manage and license fonts. Monotype Fonts addresses the increasing digital-by-default need, combining the world's largest collection of type with expertise of foundries and type designers under a single agreement.


Monotype has continued to bolster the service, adding foundry partners and in-demand functionality that make it easier for designers and brand teams to build meaningful customer experiences. Through a new simplified licensing model, Monotype Fonts offers customers access to Monotype’s extensive library of typography, including designs such as Helvetica Now, Futura Now, and Avenir Next World.

Based on customer feedback, Monotype has introduced different functionality updates, including: enhanced style classifications, visual filters and font similarity capabilities to allow creatives to refine search criteria and find fonts that font specific needs; a new web font hosting service with more powerful subsetting for faster website performance; and imported fonts that enable company admins to upload and manage the distribution of previously licensed fonts.

Every font in the Monotype Fonts library is covered by a single license, including those offered by foundry partners. Fonts can be used for everything from prototyping to digital campaigns to a comprehensive global rebranding. Monotype Fonts’ aim is to allow creative teams to focus more on being creative by eliminating the need to cross-check licenses and spend inordinate time on paperwork.

“We’ve seen the growth of Monotype Fonts this year, and the current momentum in the product has never been this exciting. We’re partnering with the biggest names in type, onboarding the best creatives, and witnessing a growing type community with new content from the Monotype Studio and inspirational work being added constantly,” says Noam Shore, director of product management.