• Transform magazine
  • October 25, 2021


MassiveMusic develops new mindful sonic brand for Legal & General

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Global creative music agency, MassiveMusic, developed the sonic brand identity for insurance and asset management groups, The Legal & General Group. The new audio identity aims to align the company’s wider purpose of delivering ‘inclusive capitalism’ to improve the lives of its customers.

MassiveMusic developed an audio asset that could further extend Legal & General’s brand ethos, enabling the company to live across an audio ecosystem, work consistently across the brands’ vertical business, and reflect its desire to offer something more meaningful to customers.

The sonic identity was inspired by Legal & General’s logo, the umbrella as the symbol of protection. The sonic logo, in fact, aims to bring to life the umbrella’s sound and the reassurance it symbolises. The audio brand also sought to reflect the company’s mission to improve the lives of customers and build a better society for the long term. With this insight in mind, MassiveMusic looked at how it could improve lives using the power of music.

“The Legal & General umbrella is one of the most recognisable brand visuals in the sector and something many of us have grown up seeing over and over again. It was important that this iconic symbol of protection was embedded at the heart of the Legal & General sonic experience. The resulting sonic brand is rooted in who Legal & General are as a company and what they stand for - giving back to society,” says Roscoe Williamson, global creative strategy director and partner at MassiveMusic.


MassiveMusic wanted to embody the abstract concept of ‘reassurance,’ represented by the umbrella, in a tangible way. To do so, it worked with the team at the Goldsmiths’ Music Mind and BrainGroup and testing with SoundOut research, to create empirically-tested music that promotes a sense of calm and improves sleep and wellbeing.

MassiveMusic mapped sound against the colours of the umbrella logo, developing four different music tracks that are supported by album artwork created by global branding agency, Superunion. The coloured tracks target four different emotional scenarios: red aids focus, blue aids sleep, yellow is music for a break, and green can be used to calm down emotionally.

“We’re known for how we look but not how we sound, so the process and collaboration of finding something that is rooted in our brand values and offering something more to our customers means we have another hugely valuable asset that can play a part across our global communications,” says Tamara Bates, group brand director at Legal & General.