• Transform magazine
  • September 27, 2021


Little Big Brands develops package design for new Ajax eco-friendly wipes

Ajax Plant Based New

New York-based brand consultancy, Little Big Brands (LBB), worked with EU Colgate to develop branding and packaging for Ajax’s new line of sustainable, plant-based disinfecting wipes for the European market.

The new product represents an opportunity to grow the category with Millennials and GenZ-ers, for whom eco-friendly and sustainability is a driving force behind what they buy.

“The package design for this wipe needed to lean into design codes that were appealing for a younger demographic. “From speaking with our target consumer in both the French and Swedish markets, we knew that we would need to deliver against a minimal design that felt simple yet chic,” says Richard Palmer, executive creative director at Little Big Brands.

That meant exploring designs that spanned across three visual territories: Eco Lush, which leveraged greens, whites and plant-based codes; Fresh & Fun, featuring vibrant color codes that aim to reflect the brand’s optimism; and Earthy Modern, favouring earthy colours and simplified codes. 

Palmer adds, “Unlike the Ajax global brand vernacular we are all familiar with, our final, consumer-validated design perfectly balances the brand’s expertise, while leaning into eco cues that feel fresh and stylish.”