• Transform magazine
  • October 25, 2021


GSK’s work comes to life through data visualisation


Science-led global healthcare company GSK has work with independent brand and digital agency We Launch to develop a creative data visualisation work which offers a new way for audiences to engage with GSK’s innovation story.

With GSK harnessing the power of new technologies and constantly enhancing its knowledge of the relationship between genes and diseases, it need a much more visually stimulating way to convey its impact to a wider audience. To do so, We Launch created an entirely new way to communicate the uniqueness of GSK’s digital health data, starting by developing a deeper understanding of how the datasets interacted with technologies like machine learning and AI.

We Launch then worked with generative studio Variable to produce data-driven ‘living’ artwork reflecting the innovation taking place at GSK, with the result being an energetic and disruptive set of images whose unique characters come from the authentically imperfect and human datasets they represent.

“At the start of the project, nobody knew what the resulting imagery would look like – it was an entirely new way to visualise GSK’s data and technology. And that was the exciting part. The generative model allows the worlds to flex and grow over time, just as the technologies develop,” says founder and creative director of We Launch, Stuart Lang.

By using a generative model, GSK is not only an early leader in adopting a new method of data visualisation but will also benefit from a ‘living’ image bank which can evolve in tandem with the company’s own evolution.