• Transform magazine
  • May 19, 2022


Grosvenor reveal new brand strategy for London destinations Mayfair and Belgravia


Grosvenor Britain & Ireland have unveiled a new brand strategy for the London destinations of Mayfair and Belgravia. Grosvenor Britain & Ireland worked with international branding agency SomeOne to provide a bold refresh to the central London neighborhoods post Covid-19.


The updated brand architecture forms part of a new forward thinking and innovative marketing strategy for 2021, which has seen the launch of a major seasonal brand campaign across both neighbourhoods for Spring; Bright Young Springs in Mayfair and Let Beautiful Begin in Belgravia.

The aim of the new brand identities was to make both Mayfair & Belgravia independently distinguishable as one of the leading destinations in London. Mayfair’s new visual identity pays tribute to its heritage dating back to the annual May Fair that began in the 17th century. It also provides a welcoming, accessible and contemporary setting for today's luxury brands.

A new logo now has provenance with the addition of 'Established 1686'. The rich blue, now the primary colour for the district, is a nod to the colour of its property square on the Monopoly Board which the destination is known so well for. Working alongside these elements is a new typeface and a variable 'M wave' pattern, designed to enrich communications and codify Mayfair's fashionable status.

For Belgravia, SomeOne created a visual and verbal identity system that enables the different parts of Belgravia to connect and communicate with the global public. Now every different area of Belgravia carries its own story but is united in a single language and visual identity. New visual assets include bespoke typography, colour systems and the signature theme of columns, seen throughout the stucco fronted streets of Belgravia. All of these elements have been designed to be combined with seasonally changing photography and illustration to help the many stories of Belgravia be told at scale.