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  • April 22, 2024


FutureBrand Australia supports World Youth Skills Day

Futurebrand World youth Skills Day 2021

Branding agency, FutureBrand Australia, is taking part in a global initiative supporting World Youth Skills Day, which gives young people worldwide the opportunity to book one-to-one conversations with team members. The conversation will allow young adults to find out what it’s like working in a branding company and how they can pursue a career in the industry.

FutureBrand Australia CEO Rich Curtis, general manager Christina Kokkinakis and brand experience director Stephen Barber are taking part in the initiative. Colleagues from FutureBrand’s global family of companies- FutureBrand, customer experience design business, UXUS, and digital design agency, Hugo & Cat- will also participate.

Young people aged 16-21 worldwide have the chance to book 30-minute meetings with members across various departments throughout the multiple FutureBrand, UXUS and Hugo & Cat offices around the world. The meetings will allow young people to ask the kind of questions that can be useful for their futures, whether in branding or more broadly across the creative sector.

“I believe it’s essential that we inspire and educate the next generation about the possibilities presented by a career in creativity. What’s more, it’s equally important that we provide avenues that make it easy for people to discover more, especially people who might not even know that career opportunities like this exist. I certainly had a good deal of guidance as I found my way into our industry and it’s great to be able to help others in this way by reflecting on our own journeys and the lessons learnt along the way,” says Curtis.

“First career steps are always scary. World Youth Skills Day is an incredible opportunity to connect with the next generation and support them in defining their unique career journey,” says Kokkinakis.

To book a session in FutureBrand’s World Youth Skills Day programme, click here.