• Transform magazine
  • March 20, 2023


FutureBrand Australia designs new identity for MyFavorito

Myfavorito Top

Branding company FutureBrand Australia has launched a new brand for global sports sponsorship platform, MyFavorito.


MyFavorito’s brand strategy leads with the idea of ‘game on:’ a signal to MyFavorito’s ethos and the brand’s intention to inspire fans, brands and clubs to think differently about sports sponsorship. The brand identity is inspired by the design codes of sport, from geometric shapes to pitch markings and the details of home and away colours, with the aim of engaging fans worldwide no matter which codes or clubs they follow.

"MyFavorito was built to solve a global financial problem for sport and counter the dominance of the tech titans – we enable money to flow into sport and national economies. We help brands invest in sport where it matters most, in a risk free way and so they get real returns and we make it easy for fans to show their club some love. It’s a powerful combination to help fans, brands and clubs and it requires a sophisticated brand to tell the story at the moments that matter,” says Dirk Schlenzig, MyFavorito’s founder and CEO.

FutureBrand also developed a series of customer archetypes to inform MyFavorito’s customer experience and go-to-market strategies. 

FutureBrand Australia’s CEO, Rich Curtis, is filling the role of MyFavorito’s CMO to accelerate the brand work and embed the strategy across the business.

“Having Rich as CMO has given us a strategic focus on our brand, and the combination of brand strategy, brand identity and customer experience offered by the FutureBrand team has helped us connect our ambitions to the experience we offer fans, brands and clubs,” says APAC managing partner, Mark Hinshelwood.

“We know from first-hand experience just how engaged sports fans can be, so we set about building a brand strategy, identity, and customer experience that communicates MyFavorito’s purpose, energy and emotion and inspires fans, brands and clubs to think differently about this next generation of sports sponsorship,” adds Curtis.