• Transform magazine
  • April 14, 2021


Functional food company to highlight brand’s ‘kaleidoscopic health’ approach

TT 06 April Gem

New York City-based innovations and marketing consultancy Verdes has rebranded functional food company Gem to emphasise the company’s ‘kaleidoscopic health’ approach in treating the whole body as an interconnected system versus isolated systems.

The rebrand represents a new type of brand building, where sharing information trumps the typical lifestyle branding found across the wellness industry. This approach is built around the insight that consumers desire companies as expert resources of information rather than lifestyle purveyors.

“Instead of following the typical DTC lifestyle brand playbook, we helped transform Gem into a new type of brand - a resource brand - providing curious consumers with information as aspiration,” says Greg Matson, Verdes founding partner.

The rebrand’s aesthetic is built around housing wellness information in useful and compelling ways.  The two main sources of inspiration for the visuals were Wikipedia and National Geographic, resulting in an educational and informational visual system that is equal parts stunning and entertaining. This is reflected in the strapline ‘Rooted in nature, backed by science.’