• Transform magazine
  • February 29, 2024


For The People launches new brand identity for Culture Amp

Cultureamp 1

Melbourne-based employee experience platform, Culture Amp, worked with Australia’s branch of branding agency, For The People, to launch a new brand identity. The rebrand aims to match Culture Amp's strategic ambition and deliver on the needs of its expression internally, in market and beyond.


For The People began by focusing on Culture Amp’s understanding of how business and humanity intersect, repositioning the brand to be truly people first. The key brand message For The People wanted everyone to see and hear was: to create a better world of work, the world of work needs to learn how to speak human.

In line with the theme of ‘humaneness,’ For The People developed Camper, a bespoke typeface that aims to capture human ‘messiness’ and imperfection, as well as human potential and personality. To do so, it mimics the subtle idiosyncrasies of the very individuals the brands speaks to, seeking to bring pops of distinctive, hand-drawn personality. 

"Working alongside the Culture Amp team, we refocused their brand on their unparalleled knowledge of people, culture and the science behind performance and well-being. This was key to compel organisations to master an often overlooked language in the world of business - human literacy. The identity in a nutshell is a human-centric expression of the realities of work – the ups, downs, quirks, truths – and evokes the human touch through bespoke typography, illustrations and photography that capture the idiosyncratic nature of work,” says Melissa  Baillache, creative director at For The People

With competitors mostly relying on empty platitude and ambiguous jargon, For The People saw an opportunity for Culture Amp to cut through with a perceptive use of language. In developing their new brand voice, the agency had three goals: demonstrate specific and empathic expertise; get the brand’s community fired up about the possibilities of applying human literacy; and normalise expressions of personality and creativity at work. 

Alongside the use of illustration, photography and a vibrant colour palette, which defies the pastels that usually dominate the category, the new tone of voice aims to help the company own both the play and the power of humanity at work. 

One element that has made Culture Amp stand out is their passionate and participatory community. Where once the Culture Amp team was a driving force of this community, it has now become a self-sustaining grassroots movement that benefits from Culture Amp’s support. Therefore, it was important that the community elements, from the 'Culture First' events, to the 'People Geeks' collective, not only felt part of the grander Culture Amp experience, but also that the brand provided the tools for distinct self expression. 

For The People helped create a community hub on the Culture Amp website to introduce new people to the community, to help existing members connect beyond their chapter and find relevant content in a single location. The Culture Amp masterband also had to be flexible enough to support, rather than dictate, the rest of the community. For The People designed a flexible brand system for the creation of unique chapter assets, including badges, posters, and name tags, depending on the focus of their members.