• Transform magazine
  • May 17, 2021


E-commerce marketplace reveals new brand identity to reflect rapid grow

Stockx Top Banner

On the heels of its five-year anniversary, StockX, an e-commerce marketplace for authentic products of current culture revealed a refreshed brand design that is reflective of the company’s growth over the last year and increasing business momentum in 2021.


“Our updated brand expression showcases how we’re moving into a stage of modernization and punctuates our evolution into a more mature, more confident, and more inclusive StockX," says StockX CMO Deena Bahri.

"We’re not anchored to a single audience or product category — instead we sit squarely at the epicenter of current culture and our refreshed identity is reflective of that positioning.”

The new StockX logo redesign reflects the values of the company and nots to its history while fortifying the future and maturity of the brand. The letter ‘X’s is brought into balance, with two arrows in the negative space around it pointing towards the centre representing byers and sellers coming together on a level playing fill.

On a symbolic level, the mark suggest an abstract percentage sign, referencing StockX’s financial market-inspired  mechanics.