• Transform magazine
  • March 03, 2024


Dixa launches refreshed brand and website

Dixa Website

Global customer services software company Dixa worked with London-based agency Structure to refresh its brand and website. This has helped it to strengthen its proposition and elevate and align its visual identity with a new story.

Structure worked with the concept of ‘seamless conversation,’ the pillar of Dixa’s effective customer service, to develop a flexible design system that allows the company to communicate its story at every brand touchpoint, like the website. It was redesigned to reflect Dixa’s solutions based on customers’ needs and challenges, making it easier to navigate and surface relevant content, and also features an efficiency calculator that crystallises the operational savings to clients. 

“As a consumer who has experienced disjointed and frustrating customer service many times, Dixa’s vision is something I can directly relate to and have a huge affinity with,” says Structure cofounder, John Galpin.

The design was built around flexibility and agility, with an identity based on a simple theme and narrative rather than a single visual execution. The visual assets, for example, from the logo to the typeface, are used to connect an interchangeable set of theme-based illustrations and graphic elements, which will ensure Dixa’s marketing team creative freedom across channels while ensuring campaigns remain on brand.