• Transform magazine
  • February 25, 2024


Denomination develops brand identity for Battery Point first ever whisky

Battery Point Distillery Barrel

Tasmanian distillery, Battery Point, launches its first ever whisky, with brand identity and packaging by drinks design specialist agency Denomination.

Battery Point Distillery was founded in 2018 by historic boutique hotel Lenna of Hobart. Owners Lloyd and Jan Clark approached Denomination because they wanted a standout brand and packaging identity to do justice to their premium and handcrafted whisky, which has a limited release of 170 bottles.

“So many whiskies from beyond Scotland’s borders endeavour to replicate Scotch design cues – stags, master distiller signatures, heather and highlands, locks and glens,” says Lloyd Clark.

To differentiate the brand from this, Denomination’s creative approach centres on the blue rings that were painted on the distillery’s first barrels. It’s a clean and uncluttered approach that aims to be unmistakably Battery Point whilst also working very well across all brand touchpoints, standing out online and in optic line-ups.

Denomination chose Stardos Stencil Font and the distiller’s own handwriting to celebrate the handcrafted, small-batch nature of Battery Point, an approach that also seeks to give the brand a premium look and feel that will appeal to the connoisseur target audience. The colourway – the blue and wood of the distillery’s barrels and an off-white – is clean and vibrant, reflecting Tasmania’s environment.

“Battery Point’s whisky steps away from category conventions in a big way, allowing the brand to shine. Unique, original and 100% ownable by Battery Point, the brand asset is also very flexible and can be updated with future batch numbers and barrel blends to allow cost efficiencies and a handcrafted feel. It says we are confident yet restrained, understated yet luxurious, and use traditional methods but with contemporary flare,” says Rowena Curlewis, CEO of Denomination.

Our brand and packaging identity sets us apart from all our competitors and will appeal to the audiences we want to attract – whisky devotees and expert bartenders. We’re very proud of Tasmanian whisky and think we produce the finest products in the world. Battery Point is now a true reflection of the passion and zeal that we and Jack have for this uncompromising, honest and truly special distillery,” says Clark.