• Transform magazine
  • May 18, 2022


Denomination designs brand identity for Tread Softly gins

Tread Softly Gin Back With Label

Wine production company, Fourth Wave Wine Partners launched its sustainable wine brand, Tread Softly, into the spirits section with two new gins, one dry and one pink. The brand strategy and packaging design created for the original wine range by design agency Denomination has not been developed for the gin category.


The spirits’ market is dominated by masculine block branding, despite the fact that more women than men cite spirits as their preferred drink. There is also an abundance of less environmentally safe foiled label solutions. With this in mind, Fourth Wave wanted to take its sustainable and feminine style into the spirits sector, aiming to disrupt it with a ‘gently powerful’ presence on shelf.

“The original brand was developed as a ‘new generation of wine for a new generation of drinker.’ We felt there was room for that ethos to be carried over into spirits to respond to the growing desire among consumers for brands that care about the planet,” says Nicholas Crampton, co-owner at Fourth Wave.

Given the brand had already been established, Denomination wanted to develop an approach that built on existing brand recognition, while also bringing something new to the spirits sector, which is known for its approach to labelling.

Denomination built an aesthetic that seeks to complement the brand premise and name. The tiny illustration of a ladybird on the small front label, which is made from natural paper stock, seeks to encourage consumers to ‘lean in’ and investigate the brand. The design on the back of the bottle, which features illustrations of flora and fauna, is screen printed. These can be seen through the glass and the liquid, with the aim of amplifying the natural message and reflecting the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

“We originally created this brand to speak to consumers’ rising ethical engagement and awareness. One of the key objectives behind the strategy was to futureproof Fourth Wave’s portfolio and make room for sustainable diversification. Taking this ‘gentle juggernaut’ of a wine brand into spirits shows just how effective brand strategy and packaging identity can be when they are developed to flex and grow, accommodating business development and changing consumer needs,” says Rowena Curlewis, CEO at Denomination.

Denomination also worked with a vetted network of suppliers to find the right production finished and bottle choice. “It’s not simply about creating something beautiful. We strive to help businesses keep on top of sustainability initiatives and product innovations, connect with the right suppliers and keep up with shifts in regulations – all while keeping an eye on the bottom line,” Curlewis adds.