• Transform magazine
  • November 29, 2021


Brandon creates new lifestyle sub brand for PhD Nutrition

1 Phd Life Full Range

Brandon worked with PhD Nutrition to develop the name, brand design and packaging of PhD Life, a lifestyle supplements sub-brand.


“PhD is known for delivering great-tasting performance nutrition – providing high quality, market-leading formulations based on smart nutritional science. It was important that we didn’t move too far away from this, so we felt a sub-brand targeting a more holistic approach to performance would attract new consumers to the brand, but also appeal to its existing customers,” says Emma Wilson, account director at Brandon.

Brandon found that with all of life’s current demands and stresses, many people were just interested in how they can perform better every day and enhance their quality of life by making small changes to their lifestyle.’

“Our proposition of ‘optimise you for life’ builds on PhD’s grounding in clean, science-based sports nutrition, but talks to a more holistic approach. It’s based on the desire to make positive feel-good choices without being bamboozled by complicated science and unfamiliar ingredients,” says Jay Bates, design director at Brandon.

The products call out the benefits, such as Vital, Boost, Relax, in way that aims to capture attention and render the brand more human and empathetic. Visually, these benefits are brought to life using relevant abstract patterns in a cropped heptagon to represent the seven signs of health. For example, greens/plant-based macro photography is used for ‘Vital,’ whilst circles moving to a focal point are adopted for the focus and clarity of ‘Mind.

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