• Transform magazine
  • May 25, 2024


Blooming visions creates new generation brand identity

DE rebrand

Brand agency, Blooming Visions, designed the visual identity for Differently Enabled (DE), a new inclusive clothing label.

The moving logo and vivid colour palette aim to express the growing movement towards positive change, which both entities strive to accelerate. “Like us, the DE team is fearless, honest, and creative. They immediately connected to our idea of a visual identity moving in sync with the current tides that are thankfully pulling us towards a new, fairer world,” says Mark Jackson, co- founder of Blooming Visions.

The theme of motion is also inherent in the design of DE clothes, which offer ease of movement to those with restricted mobility. Set to become the label of the clothing start-up, the DE logo can be black and white, brightly coloured, striped or pattered. Its flexibility also allows for it to position itself in any direction, including upside down or back to front.

“I love the way everyone sees the logo differently. Right now, we call it the rocket logo, but it's been described as a paper clip, USB plug and a spider,” says Craig Crawford, founding director of DE.