• Transform magazine
  • November 30, 2022


B&B studio develops visual identity and packaging design for organic vodka soda brand

  • Goldling Sundown Boxes
  • Goldling Wordmark

London-based creative agency, B&B studio, created the packaging design, brand positioning and visual identity for a new, ready-to-drink organic vodka soda brand, Goldling.


B&B introduced a layered visual world combining illustration and photography into a collage, with the aim of distinguishing the brand’s flavour profiles from the basic taste of the seltzer. The visual identity blends product and ingredient visuals with imaginary landscapes and lifestyle imagery.

“Goldling’s drinks bring a new level of craft and creativity to the world of RTDs, and it was important to reflect that in our design solution. The escapist worlds we’ve conjured up capture the experience of each drink, evoking flavour through both visual clues and colour coding. It’s deliberately a world away from hard seltzer language,” says Jennie Potts, design director at B&B studio.

The overall creative direction for the brand was inspired by spontaneous drinking occasions, and the changing character of light from the bright sunshine of a poolside cocktail to the haze of an aperitif. The idea of the ‘golden hour’ also informed the brand name, Golding, whilst the accompanying variant names are chosen to reflect the drinking occasions.

B&B uses light through the design, from the high contrast illustrations and metallic sheen of the cans to the shafts of luminosity in the brand’s lifestyle photography. The brand’s monogram G, used variously as a solid icon and framing device, also aims to suggest the celestial sources of light, the sun, the moon and the stars.

“With Goldling, B&B has found that fine balance between spontaneous on-the-go fun and premium cocktail craft. The cans are every bit as inviting as I hoped they’d be, promising both authentic refreshment and escapist pleasure. Perfect for drinking with friends at the Golden Hour,” says Goldling founder, Max Dodd-Noble.