• Transform magazine
  • August 18, 2022


Audiobrain created brand theme for Premier Hockey Federation

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New York-based sonic branding agency, Audiobrain, created the new brand theme and original broadcast package for the Premier Hockey Federation (PHF), which represents professional women’s hockey in North America.

The PHF was looking for an original theme that would help brand professional women’s hockey on ESPN+, the exclusive home of the PHF in the U.S. for the 2021-22 season.

Audiobrain worked alongside the PHF to ensure the theme reflects the appropriate tone and feel within the newly branded federation.

“We are truly pleased with the outcome of this music. It captures the spirit of the Federation and we’re thrilled it will be heard nationally all season. This one is special to Audiobrain: PHF’s brand theme expresses key brand attributes through instrumentation, tone, melody, and sound design,” says Audrey Arbeeny, CEO and executive producer of Audiobrain.

The PHF’s brand theme is built on the traditional orchestra sounds, with a combination of modern “synth sound” and on-field hockey sound design, like the skaters’ movements and the iconic hockey stop. The hockey moments, interspersed with the music and the skills of the athletes, aim to display the competitive and sporty personality of the PHF.

“PHF’s new and unique theme expresses an overarching sound that is energetic, motivating, and punchy, showcasing the athletes' power and giving a neutral feeling of sound, regardless of gender. The ascending chord progression over the driven guitar represents the rising power of the athletes," adds Arbeeny.

The brand theme aims to set the tone of the PHF, and reflect the brand’s values of empowerment, inclusivity and integrity.

"Every major sports league has a signature theme that captivates their fanbase by its sound. Our music has the perfect blend of soft and aggressive tones that I feel defines exactly who we are as a Federation. It's effective because it's memorable and people will quickly come to recognise that whenever it plays,” says said PHF commissioner, Tyler Tumminia.