• Transform magazine
  • July 01, 2022


Atreo develops new brand identity for Gloat

TT 24 August Gloat

Talent marketplace company, Gloat, worked with Israel-based tech branding agency Atreo to develop a new brand identity with the aim of better representing the bold impact Gloat drives for global enterprises.

Gloat’s new branding and visual identity needed to reflect the company’s core belief that employees are much more than just one thing. The rebrand also aims to convey the idea that to unlock the full potential of every employee, companies need to to look beneath the surface and take a multi-dimensional approach.

To symbolise this sense of richness and complexity, Gloat introduced the ‘Gloat Force,’ which represents the power of the individual, and ‘Talent Particles,' which depict the unique blend of skills, experiences, goals, and ambitions that we each bring to the table. The new brand tagline, ‘the anything workforce,’ aims to  get people thinking about the limitless possibilities within each of us.

“We wanted to ensure our brand was really illustrating the bold, dynamic and revolutionary impacts we are driving for our customers. Gloat’s Talent Marketplace is changing the way the world works, and now our visual identify tells that story — from the Gloat Force and Particles representing the untapped and often invisible potential, passions and skills within all employees, to the fluid logo representing movement and opportunity that is made possible when you move beyond rigid hierarchies and organizational structures,” says Danny Shteinberg, CMO and co-founder of Gloat.

The new logo was the final piece of the puzzle and plays off the same idea by replacing hard lines with slanted letters. It also introduces an animated letter ‘G,’ which is fluid, symbolising the agility enterprises can achieve when they remove the barriers that hold people back.