• Transform magazine
  • February 24, 2021


#NewBrandMonday: 5 October

NBM Website 5 Oct 1

Here are this week's selection of newly launched brands from around the world. For more from #NewBrandMonday, follow @Transformsays on Twitter.






Yorkshire-based digital agency 6B Digital created a bold brand identity and website for freckl., an eco friendly packaging supplier that looks after customers and the planet. by pioneering excellent customer service while actively sourcing products that are-useable and recyclable. freckl. Seeks to cut through the standard offering and packaging solutions, being open to collaborate with like-minded businesses. The new brand is simple and flexible, delivering freckl.’s core values through bold messaging and typography, demonstrating a clear contrast to those packaging suppliers competitors that play it safe. The hand-draw illustrations of people planting seeds or scuba diving under waters with turtles found on both packaging, posters and the website, adds an air of lightness and playfulness to the brand. This emphasises that while sustainability is a serious matter, brands that have eco-friendliness at heart don’t need to be sober and austere.




My Date Night

London-based design studio White Bear created a light yet vibrant brand identity for new ‘fun and flirty’ dating app My Date Night. Iconic duo’s like ‘movies + popcorn’ or ‘gin + tonic’ inspired the agency to create visuals that reinvigorate memorable classics and highlight the joy of togetherness: from being in a relationship to sharing moments and interests. The core of the logo is indeed the symbol of love, the heart, patterned with letters M and Y to represent me and you, heart to heart. The colour palette is gender neutral like the brand, emphasising its celebration of every type of partnership.





Cornwall-based creative agency Kingdom & Sparrow launched a new fruity and summery non-alcoholic aperitif brand Wilfred’s, born out of frustration from the lack of inspiring non-alcoholic options at the bar. The spritz brand, which will launch in July 2020, aims to compete with big names in the market as a non-alcoholic, tastier and healthier alternative. In an increasingly saturated ‘no alcohol’ market, Wilfred’s placed its distinction in creating a brand that oozed flavour, summer drinking occasion and inventiveness to emphasise that although the aperitif is alcohol free, it’s by no means a compromise. The gold details and Art Deco style lettering give the packaging an air of sophistication, while the Venn diagram style graphic expresses experimentation and mix of flavours, something also reflected in the ‘Reinventing the Spritz’ tagline.