• Transform magazine
  • February 24, 2021


Fontsmith founder launches a new iOS font app


Founder of boutique type foundry Fontsmith co-designed an app for creating typographic messages that uses typefaces from the Fontsmith Library. At a time when most of communication is happening on screen, Wordilly serves to make every message unique with a different font.

The app, which includes 20+ different fonts and a special algorithm that offers a range of reversible colours, has a streamlined, intuitive interface that helps users design and set text in the app itself. It then creates a picture which can be sent to friends or shared on social media. Both -co-founders, designer Jason Smith and graphic designer James Henderson, wanted to create an app that would make people’s messages on social platforms resonate more by improving their aesthetics.

“For many years I’ve been writing little mood messages, doing a screen shot, cropping and sending them to Instagram. A bit of a kerfuffle to say the least. James was pretty much doing the same thing, so we put our heads together and designed Wordilly. Designing typefaces is all about connecting moods and expressing tone of words so this app utilises some of that work,” says Smith.

“Since I sold Fontsmith to Monotype in Jan 2020 I’ve been able to focus on Wordilly with James and Steve to get this first version out and on the App store. The timing couldn’t be more relevant I believe,” he adds.



Wordilly works with Instagram, iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

You can download it here for free: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/wordilly-say-it-better/id1513001415