• Transform magazine
  • December 07, 2023


Turner Ignite Studios launches new brand identity


In the modern age of instant gratification, organisations frequently encounter consumers who do not want to engage with them because of the time commitment required to do so. Due to this, visuals have become a more important asset than ever before, as logos and animations are tools which can quickly encapsulate a brand’s mission or product in manner requiring minimal effort on the consumers’ end.

Turner Ignite, the content and data solutions division of television giant Turner, has recently launched Turner Ignite Studios, a brand studio with a focus on working with advertising partners of the channels Adult Swim, TBS, TNT and truTV to deliver original content which will appease the networks’ viewers.

Turner Ignite Studios enlisted California-based design and animation company Laundry to create its new brand identity, which was launched last month. This brand identity includes both a standard logo and an animation.

The base logo features a bold, conspicuous outline of the studio’s name set against a quasi-parallelogram and a radiant background in which a palette of warm, vibrant colours seamlessly complements each other. The logo appears in the beginning of the animation, before the studio title shifts between a series of rich, diverse settings. Among these settings are a classroom blackboard, cartoonish lawn and a sky filled with hot-air balloons.

The eclecticism of the animation’s locations are meant to reflect the breadth of content that Turner Ignite covers across their channels. PJ Richardson, executive creative director at Laundry, says “The visual system we created in collaboration with [Turner Ignite employee Greg] and his team speaks to Turner Ignite Studios’ mission statement by highlighting the variety of its content, delightful sense of humour and sophisticated expertise – elements that are infused into all of its work.”

Turner Ignite Studios hopes the new visuals in their brand identity will provide a strong first impression of the company’s purpose and values in its collaborations with present and future advertisers.