• Transform magazine
  • December 07, 2023


Turkish Airlines partners with Imagination to launch experience identity

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Turkish Airlines is the largest carrier in the world in terms of passenger destinations, providing flights to over 300 places in over 120 countries. Now, alongside global creative agency Imagination, the airline is ensuring that its brand reach travels as far as its planes and beyond by designing a new complete identity system.

The decision to partake in rebranding was brought about by the self-described ‘phenomenal’ growth the company has enjoyed over the past 15 years, as well as the operational launch of the company’s new headquarters at the Istanbul Airport. Its extensive branding throughout the airport will be prominently displayed to the roughly 200 million travellers which pass through yearly.

Imagination developed an 'experience identity' for the airline called ‘flow’, which embodies a consumer experience that is effortless, seamless and uplifting. These pleasant brand values can be found in all its branding collateral, ranging from its new logo to its in-flight interiors. Patrick Reid, CEO of Imagination, says, “We thoroughly believe in the power of experience to transform behaviour and through this work, which is part of a premium and memorable journey from start to finish, we hope to impress both long-standing customers of Turkish Airlines and new travellers alike.”

Imagination designed a new logo for Turkish Airlines as a component of its experience identity. In comparison with the company’s old blue and red logo, its new logo is a more striking crimson with white accents. With its new radiant red background, sans serif wordmark and a white wild goose, its new identity flows effortlessly from its livery to its boarding passes.

Seamlessness is an intelligent choice for Turkish Airlines to base its experience identity upon, as air travel has established a reputation for being extremely confusing and cumbersome at times. By promising to defy these stereotypes, Turkish Airlines is poised to help the company continue its period of phenomenal growth for years to come.